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Group Therapy

Group therapy is the most helpful way of creating positive change for certain issues and clients. As an additional benefit Group Therapy is less expensive than individual therapy.

I was inspired to become a therapist as a result of something I saw happen in a group therapy workshop. A woman I knew well did a piece of therapy that dramatically changed her life for the better. Because I knew her before and after the therapy session, I also know that the change she made stayed with her.

The group therapy technique that helped my friend was psychodrama, the unrehearsed enactment of moments that matter in life. It is a technique created by Jacob Marino about 75 years ago. Psychodrama has the ability to help people recover from trauma and other difficulties which therapy is meant to address. The connection between groupmates greatly helps the healing process.

I use many methods in group therapy in addition to psychodrama. I have taken over 1380 hours of post-graduate training to develop my skills as a group therapist. I have facilitated almost 2000 group meetings since 1993. Not everyone has such a dramatic experience as my friend, but during the last 18 years of conducting group therapy, I have seen clients reach for, and attain tremendous growth using psychodrama and the group process.

Currently, I lead two ongoing groups. My groups are open-ended. One joins, gets what one needs, and leaves. They include both men and women and are useful for almost any issue. I love leading groups.

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Why Group Therapy?

There are many good reasons why group therapy is helpful to some clients. Here are three:
1) Clients have an opportunity to try out changes in a safe and supportive environment.

2) Some traumatic experiences are recorded in parts of the brain that hold visual, sound and felt patterns, and not words. Recovery from trauma is helped in group therapy in which physical movement is used. Moving the body is a way to reach these parts of the brain.

3) Group therapy is a mixture of therapy and life. Group clients form relationships with one another. The support that comes from these relationships is very helpful to the growth process.

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