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Individual Therapy

You come to counseling because you want something to be different in your life. You may want to change a relationship, solve a particular problem, make a decision, or understand what is happening inside yourself.

As a first step in counseling, you and I will explore your feelings, concerns, and what changes you want. When we both understand your situation, I will help you form some ways to get what you want.

My focus in therapy is to help you expand your personal spontaneity and creativity. Developing confidence in your capacity to respond adequately in new situations and proactively in old ones will increase your self esteem.

The benefits from counseling may be that you will be better able to handle and enjoy your family and other social relationships. Another common benefit is a better understanding of your personal goals and values. This may lead to a greater maturity and growth as a person, and to more personal satisfaction.

I believe that psychotherapy, as the root meaning of the word implies, is a healing of the soul. It is a spiritual (although not a religious) process. The late mythographer, Joseph Campbell, once wrote: "Religion is for people who want to avoid going to hell. Spirituality is for people who have been through it."

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Seattle Psychotherapist Jeffrey Serage offers individual counseling and individual therapy.

"During counseling with Jeff, I was able to see and make significant changes. These changes helped me get a wonderful work and family life. Jeff held out hope for me which was very helpful when I had doubts about what I could accomplish."

- Former Client

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