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About Jeff Serage

Experience counts. In studies about why therapy succeeds, it has become clear that the most important factor is not the techniques used, but the experience of the therapist. Since 1993, I have worked with many clients and dealt with a very wide range of issues. I will bring that experience to bear, if you chose to work with me.

I graduated with a Masters in Counseling in 1993 and entered private practice in the Lake Union offices I occupy today. I have tremendously enjoyed working with individuals and couples for the last 18 years.

Before being a therapist, I was a management consultant for 23 years. My MBA focused on organizational psychology and my company designed and created computer systems which helped business reorganize. I have also been a real estate entrepreneur, creating homes in which families could live and grow. I am a carpenter and a boat restorer by avocation.

My practice is divided about equally between men and women, couples and individuals. I provide a mixture of conversation that leads to problem solving insight and helpful coaching. I also see people in group therapy, the therapy of choice for certain issues.

I often work with people who have experienced significant trauma as children or adults. My training after graduate school has focused on two primary areas: recovery from trauma and couples counseling. I also have an interest in ADHD and have helped many men and women with this issue.

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Seattle psychotherapist Jeffery Serage specializes in couples therapy, individual therapy, and marriage counseling.

"Therapy is the work of my life. It has both serious and light moments! There are times when the process will include laughter and good feelings."

- Jeffrey Serage

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