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Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

I became a couple's therapist because the dedication that flows from loving your partner has the potential to spark tremendous individual growth.

When couples come to therapy, they often are in pain and feel that seeking help outside the relationship is a sign of failure. In fact, I believe that part of the reason we are attracted to certain people is that they prompt us to grow. In therapy couples have a wonderful, if challenging, opportunity to become more creative and spontaneous. Their troubles are not failures but doorways to growth.

Often, individuals come from families where it was not possible to learn much about what it takes to have a satisfying relationship. Thanks to the work of John Gottman and others who have studied happy marriages, a great deal is now known about what happy marriages are like. I work with each individual in the couple to discover the changes they need to be a partner in a joyous relationship.

About half of my practice is couples counseling. Working with a counselor can help you revitalize your relationship and recover the hope and love that you once felt. When couples include me and ask for help I feel gifted by their trust in me.

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Seattle psychotherapist Jeffrey Serage offers marriage counseling and couples therapy.

"Jeff has genuine compassion and a rare gift for intuiting the 'next important question.' Our counseling with him has really helped our relationship. I would happily recommend him to any couple needing help."

- Former Client Couple

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